Update on the Project

It’s been awhile since my last post so here’s an update.  I’ve completed 3 more models since the B-17 and really have no excuse or reason as to why I haven’t posted anything regarding them.  Here are some pictures for you to see, then we’ll talk.

100_6962100_6963100_6965This is a 1:72 scale B-29 used in the Pacific Theater of Operations to bomb the Japanese home islands.  The model was asked for and built for a Navy Veteran who was stationed in Washington as the Navy archivist.  Why he wanted a B-29 I don’t know, but what the Veteran wants, the Veteran gets!


100_7045100_7057To add more items to the display, I built this 1:32 scale P-51 painted in the colors of the 377th Fighter Squadron.


100_7074 100_7075100_7076100_7070100_7069These pictures show a small portion of the display.  You’ll notice a Sherman tank on the table, I forgot to take pictures of that before I took it to the display.

100_7087100_7088100_7093100_7089This PBY was requested by a naval aircraft engineer.  He had nothing to do with the PBY, but this is the aircraft he asked for due to them being stationed at the same Florida navy base he was at.

100_7080100_7081100_7084100_7086This M-3 Stewart is another add on to the display to give the “tankers” their fair share of the well deserved glory.

The next build on the schedule will be the biggest model I’ve ever built.  It’s a 1:35 scale PT Boat very much like the one President Kennedy skippered.  Had I known how big the model was I would have opted for another scale.  There is a formula to determine the length of the model.  The real subject is 80 feet long so you multiply 80 feet by 12 (inches to a foot) and come up with 960.  Then divide that by the scale, in this case 35 and come up with a length of over 27 inches of model!   Yep, it’s a big one.  Because of the size and the incredible amount of detail to this kit, I will be posting a thread dedicated to the build.



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