B-17G Flying Fortress (pt 3)

I’ve had several days off from work and with less then great weather, was able to make good progress in the build.  Basically the interior is completed, has been dry fitted and awaits joining the two fuselage halves together.

This is the bombardier, navigator, cockpit and bomb bay area.

This is the bomb bay, radio operator and waist gun position.

This is the waist gun position after completion.  The wooden box to the left of the gun is where the .50 cal ammo was stored.  A flexible chute ran from the box to the gun that channeled the rounds into the gun chamber.  This gun is shown in the stowed position. The yellow object is the oxygen tank for the yet to be installed ball turret that hangs from the trunnion.


This provides a better view of the ball turret trunnion.


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