B-17G Flying Fortress (cont)

This build is really…well…difficult.  I may have bitten off more then I’m used to chewing with all the photo etched details and painting highlights.  Let’s just show some pictures with captions, that’ll be easier.


As I view these photos, I realize much of this may net be seen.  For instance, the bombardiers control panel as seen in photos # 1 & 5 is on the port side of the aircraft facing starboard.  The clear, see thrue portion will also be on the port side thus making the control panel visible only thrue the nose.  Beside the base green color, everything has been painted by hand and actually looks better to the naked eye then here.  There is a huge amount of photo etch not used and that’s because much of it will not be seen from any angle and the other reason being I’m on somewhat of a time constraint and need to move along.

And speaking of moving along, here’s the just completed radio room:

Are any of you wondering what this photo etched stuff is I keep talking about?  You see those black radio boxes and yellow air corps seat?  That’s photo etch.  It began life as  a flat piece of metal the thickness of 2 sheets on paper.  After cutting the part from the sprue, you need to fold it into the shape it’s meant to represent.


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