B-17G Flying Fortress

Well, this is what I hope will be the center piece to the Project.  It’s being built for 2 of the men in the group.  One was a flight engineer/ top turret gunner I’ll refer to as Mr B and the other was a co-pilot who will be named Mr C.  The model will carry the markings for the 381st Bomb Group of which Mr B was assigned being of the two men, Mr B has most of his faculties intact where as Mr C is sadly too far gone to realize much of anything.  The model will have sections on the port side of the fuselage that will be clear, enabling a view of the inside of the aircraft.  Extensive photo etch will be added to enhance the detail.  It will be by far my most ambitious build yet.

This is one of the Wright Cyclone engines before being enhanced with metalized silver paint.

And this is the engine after the enhancement

The wings gave me as much grief as I expected but I found with some patients and looking at the problem from a different angel, I made it work.

The top photo shows the “canyon” between the upper and lower engine nacelles.  Lots of cement and clamps and a rest over night took care of most of the problem, but further work was still required.

Here are all 4 engines and above them, their cowlings they will be fitted into.  The cowlings will be painted interior green chromate which was used as an anti corrosive agent on most aircraft interior areas.

And here they are as they will appear before any painting is done.

And as they will appear on the wing.  The portion of the engine nacelle facing the aircraft (in this case the area on the left) will be painted with an olive drab anti glare panel.  All aircraft that were left bare metal reflected the sun, so the anti glare panels were added to reduce and eliminate the reflection.  The light areas between the engines cylinders is the rear fire wall that will also be painted interior green chromate.

Literally hours were spent filling and sanding the upper and lower wing joint.  These may be the best wings I’ve ever done.  The different shades of grey is caused by paint brushed onto the seam to make and flaws stand out.  There are none.


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