Duece and A Half Completed!!

It’s been awhile since my last entry but with good reason.  First, we’ve been having one hell of a summer here in Michigan.  Temps in the 90’s and low 100’s are not conducive to building and painting plastic model kits.  It’s not so much the glue that’s effected by the heat but the acrylic paint.  When airbrushing acrylics, the temps and humidity tend to make the paint dry before it even hits the model.  I have drying retardant but that only does so much.  I also have a/c but that’s only adequate enough  to keep the house comfortable,  not to mention the amount of electricity that the house would use with fans, 2 a/c units, lights and an air compressor all going at the same time.  The heat also takes a toll on me.  While I’m not outside in the weather all day, I’m out in it enough to have it wear me down.  Unloading deliveries from my truck and pushing my delivery cart any distance runs me down.  By the time I get home I’m pretty trashed and don’t even go to the gym, if I’m too crapped out to workout, I’m too crapped out to build.

The most notable reason for the lack of updates has been my drive, or lack there of.  You see, the hero I built the Medics jeep for passed away.  I wish I could give names but as I said in my first posting, I’m obliged to confidentiality.  He was really a very nice man and one of my favorites in the group.  He was very generous, caring about his fellow man and a true inspiration to others who also wished to give of themselves. He had a neat sense of humor and whenever he was asked if there was anything he needed, he’d answer; “Yes, cash.”  He grew frail and weak so quickly.  His dialysis was stopped when cancer was found.  He spent only a very short time in hospice but I guess that’s a blessing as he passed away rather quickly.  Personally, the thing I’ll remember most is his eyes lighting up when he saw the model jeep.  Thirty nine straight hours of building and painting was more then worth it to see his smile and hear him say; “How about that! How about that!”  At least I have the knowing he got to see his tribute model before he left us.

I miss the ole guy.

Back to the subject at hand; the Deuce and a Half.  The only thing lacking is the driver figure and all the cargo that will festoon the cargo bed.  There will be fuel drums, ammo crates, gasoline jerry cans, bed rolls and maybe even some extra tank parts.  From what I’ve gathered, the Navy Sea Bees had ‘US NAVY’ stenciled on their vehicles later on in the war.  In the early stages, they just used hand me downs or what they could beg,borrow and steal from the Army.  All the same, I’m sure the recipient will like it.

Here’s some pictures.  Feel free to leave a comment!



One thought on “Duece and A Half Completed!!

  1. Looks great man. I feel you on the heat and humidity affecting the paints. The truck looks great and I’m sure the vet will love it. Can’t wait to see it all loaded up.

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