The Medics Jeep (continued)

I gave the model to the Veteran Thursday.  He was in a different room being he’s now in the care of hospice.  He looked truly awful and it was a shock at the decline over the last 3 weeks.  He was in his bed being evaluated by a nurses aid when I walked in.  He recognized me and I told him I have something for him.  I bent down and showed him his model jeep and his eyes lit up! “How about that!?  How about that!?” he said.  He smiled as best as he could and said thank you, then added; “You did good.”  I patted him on the shoulder and told him I’d see him later and set the model up on his TV shelf.  I didn’t ask to take his picture with the model as I knew he wouldn’t allow it being he is in such frail health.  I have the image of his smile and twinkling eyes in my mind where it will stay for ever.


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