Duece and a Half for a Seabee

Moving on steadily with the Project, I’ve decided to build the truck for the next Veteran who was in the US Navy Seabees based in the Aleutians.  The Seabees got their moniker from C B or construction battalion.  The leaders of the unit wanted a logo to use and one of the animators from Walt Disney came up with this:


It depicts a bumble bee wearing the traditional ‘dixie cup’ sailors cap firing a machine gun (to represent the fighting spirit of the Navy) and holding a number of tools.  Their mantra was ‘Can Do’.  Our Veteran built many structures in the Aleutian Islands as the US fought with Japanese forces who occupied some of the Alaskan islands.  It’s believed the Japanese had no real aspirations for the islands, but instead landed troops there as a diversion to the attack on the strategic island of Midway.

Our Veteran is the oldest in the group at 92 and his health is in question as well, hence my haste to get this built.  The B-17 will be the most time consuming and trying build and that Veteran is in relatively good health save for a sour attitude and short temper as a result of his dementia.  Here are the sprues:

An over view of the kit:

The cargo area:

The drive train, engine and suspension:

This is the cab and interior:

And what good is a cargo truck without cargo?:

Here’s a photo of the same truck I built for a Red Ball Express driver.  Rusty Huebner received his last year:

The truck I’ll be building next will vary a bit as I’ll be adding the front winch and the frame work for the canvas tarp that goes over the cargo bed.  I’ll follow the same build and paint plan as I did with the medics jeep to insure everything gets painted properly with no over spray onto the engine.  I estimate this build to take 2 weeks.



2 thoughts on “Duece and a Half for a Seabee

  1. Sean:

    Let me know when you need the plate for the Duece-and-a-Half. Be glad to donate it for ya. I’ll put that Seabee logo on it too, if ya want. Send me an e-mail, haven’t heard from you lately. Glad your man like his jeep, you did a wonderful job on it.

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