The Medics Jeep

Well, I managed to get it finished over the Fathers Day weekend.  This was one honey of a kit!  I should get one for myself!  Anyway, as I explained, I can’t give names or much detail save for the fact this model is for a great guy I met thrue this Project.  He was a medic who had the duty of tending people along a 100 mile stretch of railway track in France and Belgium.  He was to treat sick, injured and wounded soldiers, railway workers who were trying to repair and maintain the track as well as aid ‘displaced persons’, commonly refereed to as DP’s.

The model itself took about 45-50 hours, most of that being in the painting of the chassis and assembly of the engine.  I’ll ask the Veterans if I may use his name and picture on this blog as I’d really like to get some photos of him with his model.  For now I have these:

Now that this is completed, I’m thinking it’s time to return the B-17 model!


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