A Change in Plans

Well, the B-17 will need to wait for a while. Sadly, one of the men who are in the Veterans group I spoke of earlier is in very poor health and has been placed in hospice.  This is one of, if not the worse parts of doing what I do.  These men are in their 80’s and 90’s and 90% of them are in very bad health.  When I first met this group (I will refer to them as The Group) I cried like a baby at their situation.  These men, hero’s in my eyes who drove tanks, fought for their country in the most noble way, endured hardships few of us could imagine, flew aircraft at several hundred miles per hour, fought other aircraft while dropping bombs on the enemy from 5 miles up and had to deal with the prospect of death at every moment were now mere shells of their former selves.  Their bodies ravaged by time, disease and decay and their minds hollowed out by dementia, it was heartbreaking.                                                                                                                      There have been 2 Veterans I’ve lost since beginning this project.  The first was Robert Paffumi who was the sole survivor of his Sherman tank crew.  Being his was the first, it upset me more then I would have expected.  I never even met the man, but just knowing WHO he was and WHAT he did just really got to me.

I did get to meet Floyd LaLone.  He was a BAR gunner who was pinned down by advancing German forces.  Some contacted a group of P-47s who strafed the approaching forces saving Floyd from capture…or worse.  He wanted, and received, a model of one of the P-47s that came to his rescue.

Back to the original post.  The model for this member of the Group represents the jeep his drove for the medical corps.  Being no kit exists that truly exemplifies that type of jeep, I built the model rather simply and will  add some red cross decals  and medical parcels to detail it.  These are pictures of the sub assemblies with corresponding text:

This is the body minus the seats and steering wheel.

The chassis and drive train are comprised of nearly 30 parts.  The assembly of this portion was very easy and all the parts fit extremely well.

The engine is made up of 2 dozen parts.  The only thing that would enhance the detail here is by using thin, black thread as spark plug wires…yep, I’m thinking about it.

And here’s the parts waiting for painting and final assembly.  The next post will show the painting process and final assembly.


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