The Major Project!!!

First, let me say that I’m obligated to confidentiality and cannot divulge names, histories or the facility involved with this portion of the The Veterans Project.  I will give a brief over view.  After hearing the interview that aired on NPR, I was contacted by a member of the retirement facility asking if I’d be interested in building a display for the residents who served during the war.  After the display is complete, other residents from other facilities will be invited to see the display.  I was introduced to about a dozen men, all Veterans who served in one capacity or another.  These men are now in their late 80’s and early 90’s and their health is less then good.  Many of them suffer from some form of dementia.  It was decided the men would determine what models they would like in the display, so basically each man asked for a certain model to be built.

I have completed one of the models already and have shown it to the group.  Due to the confidentiality I spoke of, I won’t post pictures of the men or names until I receive permission to do so as some of these men’s family names are rather prominent in the community.  I can show you the model.

It was so very satisfying to see his face light up when he saw his model.  I knew I did well and could feel his joy in receiving it.  That’s what this Project is all about.  The next model is going to be the ‘Whopper’ of the Project.  It’s being built for 2 men and is something I’ve never done before.  The model will have one side visible so you can see the interior.  Instead of the entire side being clear, I’m going to paint the model in such a way that it will look like it’s been cut open in certain areas.  Here’s what I’ll be working with:

Here’s the box art:

And my reference material.  The B-17 Flying Fortress is my all time favorite aircraft.  I will literally drop EVERYTHING to run outside to see the Yankee Lady fly over on one of her flights from Willow Ruin.  My references:

I’ll be posting photos of this build as I progress.  There’s going to be a very large amount of photo etch additions which will greatly enhance to detail.  My major concerns for this build  are: 1)  a seam line showing and proving difficult to eliminate between the solid and clear fuselage halves. 2) making sure the flight deck and floor is level and finally 3) getting all the interior colors correct.

The next posting will have the beginning of the build!



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