Some Past Builds

The Veterans Project really took on a life of its own after WXYZ-TV reporter Bill Spencer did a story on it.

Within an hour after the story aired, I had over 40 calls and emails.  Many were to request models while a good number were to thank me for what I’m doing.  While being thanked is nice, it was odd as I was the one trying to do the thanking.  NPR picked up on the story and did a feature on Michigan Radio.

These are when I did the interview at the NPR studios in Anne Arbor:

This is Christina Shockly, the on air personality.  The girl taking the photo on the right is Zoe Clark, her producer.  It was really a great honor to be recognized by NPR and the wife and I had a great time there.

The thing that really made me happy was the fact she was truly interested in the project and the models.  She wasn’t just uttering words, she wanted to know all about the models, how long it takes to build them and the best question; “How do you have such patients?”  Anyone who knows me knows I have ZERO patients, so how is it I can sit for hours and assemble a plastic kit consisting over several hundred parts?  I ask myself that all the time!

Not to be out done, WWJ-950 AM Newsradio followed suit

Jayne Bower and I go back a few years.  She contacted me asking if I could build a model of the B-24 Liberator Sonny Elliot flew and was shot down in on his 16th mission.  I have never learned how she found out about me, but I give her loads of credit for helping the Project take on a life.

To thank Jayne, I built her a Chinook as she told me she saw it flying over several times and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Hey, any excuse to build a Chinook!!!!

And speaking of Sonny Elliot, look for that story in the next posting.


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